New Convenience Retail & Service Centre proposed abutting Sydney’s M7 motorway at Hoxton Park

New Convenience Retail & Service Centre proposed abutting Sydney’s M7 motorway at Hoxton Park

Following a recent re-zoning, a former golf driving range at Hoxton Park [35 km west of the Sydney CBD] is to be developed as a fuel and refreshment stop servicing north and southbound traffic on the M7 motorway.

The M7 is a 40 km long motorway linking the M2, M4 and M5 motorways and opened in December 2005. It currently has no convenient fuel or refreshment stops along its entire length.

Specialist retail agency Ray White Retail have been appointed to lease the highway service centre and additional retail and commercial areas immediately behind the highway uses.

“The owners have been successful in achieving rezoning to B6 Enterprise Corridor which provides for a wide range of uses including service station, food and drink premises, motels, medical centres, child care and even bulky goods and full retail – including supermarket,” said Ray White Retail principal, Bob Walsh.

Bob Walsh believes such a facility is well overdue and badly needed. “The Westlink M7 Motorway is now by far the busiest of all the Sydney motorways with average traffic numbers in excess of 154,000 vehicles per day – which is comparable to those of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The growth in traffic from 2006 has been a staggering 160% with current growth a still very impressive 8% per annum,” he said.

The site itself is approximately 2.46 hectares in size and abuts the M7 at its junction with Cowpasture Road [itself a busy local traffic route providing access to major residential and industrial growth areas] and immediately opposite an established Masters Home Improvement store. The zoning allows up to 8000 sqm of retail space.

“The centre will include outlets for McDonalds, fuel, convenience supermarket and other services, and will also include three additional family restaurants, and up to six convenience and takeaway stores,” said Bob Walsh.

Stage 1 is planned to open in early 2016.

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